Between tradition and modernity: Pedro Costa reveals the future of Alma Cruceros in “Paralelo 20”

In a recent interview on Radio Marca’s “Paralelo 20” program, Pedro Costa, co-founder and commercial director of Alma Cruceros, shared all the details about the new era of boutique cruises presented with Alma. Today, Alma Cruceros is positioned as the only Spanish shipping company in the sector while offering a refined and sustainable experience that responds to the desire for exclusivity and personalized attention that is so valued by the cruising public.

The first boutique shipping company with a Spanish soul

Pedro described how the Ocean Victory, Alma Cruises’ elegant ship, combines luxury and sustainability in its trips through the Western Mediterranean, the Canary Islands and Andalusia. Thanks to its 93 cabins, all exterior and most with a balcony, the Ocean Victory promises to be an oasis of luxury, with a multitude of gastronomic options and an exclusive cultural and leisure offer.

The itineraries are carefully designed to access those ports that large ships cannot reach. This allows for deeper and more unique cultural immersion in each destination. This approach not only distinguishes Alma Cruceros within the market but intensifies the essence and value of each onboard experience.

Regarding gastronomy, Pedro underlines that diversity and culinary quality will be pillars of the experience on board Alma Cruceros and ensures that every dish served on board is a reflection of the commitment to excellence and authenticity.

Unique experiences beyond luxury cruises

In addition, he introduced Alma Cruceros’ exciting “Founders Club” initiative, an exclusive community limited to 80 people who will enjoy unique privileges and actively participate in the life of the cruise ahead of its maiden voyage in April 2025.

This club not only symbolizes the desire to foster a sense of belonging and exclusivity but also reinforces the mission of offering a truly personalized and customer-centric cruise experience.

At Alma Cruceros, the concept of travelling by sea is redefined. Every trip is an adventure not to be forgotten, deeply connected to the wishes and dreams of the passengers.