This is who I am

I give myself in body and SOUL

I am the only Spanish luxury boutique cruise line. A cruise line born on the Mediterranean coast, with the passion and spirit of those who have always sailed. I understand that the true essence of life lies deep within the soul, so I offer you a travel experience that reflects this philosophy. To travel with Alma is to understand that the greatest wealth in life is not material: it is the experience of living life to the full. Welcome aboard Alma Cruises, where adventure begins in the soul.

A project with soul

I provide an authentic and honest product that is based on my roots and origins. It is what makes me unique and unforgettable, evoking the place you always long for and want to return to. I am the place where you always find happiness.

To travel with Alma is a journey to your innermost self, the place that may be dormant within you but when it awakens, it does so with the force of a whole ocean. A journey that will change you for life.

Alma: four letters that mean everything. My past, present and future are contained within this name. It is what I was, what I am and what I will be. 

Alma Cruises in a few words


I am the first and only Spanish boutique cruise line with a newly built cruise ship in the luxury sector.


I offer unique and distinguished experiences, with a Spanish flavor, for those who love culture and the good life.


I offer state-of-the-art technology, excellent hospitality and luxury service to create unforgettable experiences.


I actively care for the integrity and sustainability of my destinations, as well as for their inhabitants and environment.


I put my soul into everything I do, which translates into a philosophy that goes beyond the conventional.