I think like you

Welcome to the exclusive and authentic world of Spanish cruises
I am Alma Cruises and I was born on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


A journey to your innermost being

With exclusive all-inclusive luxury cruises

I am the cruise line offering all-inclusive luxury cruises from Spain that you have been waiting for: the most distinguished, state-of-the-art and unique, with luxury cruises so you can enjoy an innovative and exquisite service, as well as all kinds of onboard comforts. With complete and unique experiences that will allow you to discover magical places in the intense and memorable way you’ve always dreamed of.

As your host, I will take you to the places you’ve always dreamed of, for your all-inclusive cruise holidays. Because I think like you and I know that the most valuable experiences come from deep within. Because, like you, I know that the greatest wealth lies precisely in the soul.

At Alma Cruises, the destination is my commitment and your satisfaction.

I offer an incredible mix between the conventional cruise ship and the large private luxury yacht. This combination allows me to anchor in perfectly selected coves and places, giving you the chance to enjoy the sea and unexplored coastlines.

Alma Cruises speaks your language. And I’m not just talking about the Spanish language. On board the first Spanish luxury boutique cruise line, and with a newly built ship, I celebrate culture, art, entertainment and gastronomy with authentic Spanish inspiration. What’s more, I offer you the time you deserve to truly discover the destinations. Because I believe that things should be done from the soul or not at all.


Get on board the most exclusive club of luxury cruises from Spain

I invite you to join the most exclusive private club in Spain. And the most innovative of them all. A club where a maximum of 80 members will enjoy exceptional services never seen in any other private club. I invite you to participate in unique experiences using any of the facilities on my ship, wherever in the world they may travel.

Join me, discover the Founders’ Club and get ready to explore a world of unique services and benefits. A gastronomic society, conferences, gatherings, literary meetings, wine, vermouth, whisky or chocolate tastings and private concerts to name just a few.


Happiness in four letters: ALMA

When travel is more than just getting from one place to another. When leisure is not just a pastime. When gastronomy goes beyond sitting at the table. Then you know you are travelling with Alma. And yes, like you, I know that travelling is all about discovery and self-discovery. I believe leisure is art and culture. I think gastronomy is an experience for the five senses. I know that well-being is all about embarking on a journey to physical and mental rejuvenation. I think like you and know that travelling with Alma Cruises is an experience that starts even before you step on board my all-inclusive luxury cruise.

Gastronomía en alta mar


Gastronomy is a fundamental part of the travel experience on my all-inclusive cruise. Talented chefs have developed creations with influences from all corners of the world, presenting you with a range of dishes so that you can sail the seas of unforgettable flavors. I will transport you to exotic places without even leaving the ship, thanks to my different themed restaurants. My focus is on offering you a unique culinary experience, reflecting the personality and soul of the Mediterranean essence and of the various destinations.

Leisure and Culture

I offer you spaces dedicated to culture, with an art gallery that exhibits works of art by promising artists from Spain and Latin America. An exclusive place to celebrate our culture, both yours and mine, where you can enrich your spirit. But I also have cozy corners where you can have fun with family and friends, playing cards and games or simply having a drink. But the leisure and culture offered on board my cruise from Spain do not end here. Entertainment, talks, gatherings, literary meetings, wine, vermouth, whisky or chocolate tastings and much more than you can ever imagine.

Health and Well-being

Let your time on board inundate you with well-being. Alma Cruises offers the perfect balance between relaxation and activities: to take care of yourself inside and out. My commitment to your health and well-being on the high seas ranges from exclusive facial and body treatments or relaxing yoga sessions at sunrise, to sporting activities in the fully equipped gym. All with the soothing sound of the waves and the silhouette of the destinations as a backdrop. Because, as you know, a healthy soul equals a healthy body.


If you enjoy the night as much as the day, then you can’t miss the experience of my luxury cruises from Spain. When night falls, life and entertainment continue on board, with a wide variety of options so you can make the most of your time on the high seas. My theatre is the perfect setting to enjoy quality shows and live performances in a unique atmosphere. The piano bar is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a drink in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere while listening to music. But that’s not all, I also offer you themed bars throughout the ship, so you can discover new flavors and enjoy a different atmosphere in each of them. But always with a Spanish feel. Because I know you enjoy the day until well into the night.

Swimming Pool and Sun Deck

Because I know that one of the greatest pleasures of a journey on the high seas is being able to enjoy the sun, the fresh air and the spectacular views that surround you, and I offer you everything you need to do just that. 

On my exclusive luxury cruise ship, I want you to enjoy the swimming pool to the fullest. Take a dip and relax while admiring the panoramic views of the horizon. And if you want extra relaxation, try the jacuzzi. Want to top up your tan? On the sun deck, you can sunbathe on comfortable sun loungers while enjoying the good weather.

And to put the icing on the cake, enjoy a refreshing drink from my on-deck cocktail bar. With a wide range of premium drinks and exotic cocktails… so you can enjoy your arrival at port with your favorite drink in hand.


Not only am I the first and only Spanish luxury boutique cruise line, with a newly built ship. In addition, I have a unique and select offer that will allow you to live an experience on board that no conventional cruise ship will give you. My marina assures you exciting adventures practising nautical sports, where you will also be able to swim in the open sea with all the comforts and services that you can find in the deck swimming pool. I make the sea the most exclusive pool! Imagine yourself anchoring in a paradisiacal cove, with me, it’s possible!

I think like you

I think like you

I think like you

I think like you

I think like you

I think like you


I put the SOUL in each destination

Alma Cruises offers you an unparalleled luxury travel experience on board a sustainable, newly built ship. My commitment is to take you to the most exotic, exciting and authentic destinations in the world while providing you with all the comforts and personalized services you need.

I will offer you balanced and innovative itineraries and experiences, allowing you to live unique moments and giving you the best stories to share when you return home. I am committed to your unhurried enjoyment of quiet village life or vibrant city life, as well as anchoring on unexplored coastlines.


This is my origin and I want to share it with you. As only a host can. Immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of the sea that saw the birth and mixing of the first civilizations. History that shapes cultures, gastronomy and people to discover in each of its picturesque ports. From the Italian coasts, with their history and gastronomy, to the Spanish coasts, with their cosmopolitan ports, you can enjoy the melting pot that has been and always will be the land bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. With luxury cruises from Málaga or Barcelona, you will be able to explore the wonderful coasts of the French Riviera and the Balearic Islands, Corsica, Sardinia and Malta.

Canary Islands

Come with me and discover the secrets of the Canary Islands as you always wanted to see them, the cities and villages of the coasts and all those unexplored hidden spots that look like they are straight from another planet. You will also discover aromas, flavors and exotic natural and urban landscapes that will make your imagination run wild. With modern cities and villages that will take you back in time. I will give you the opportunity to get away from crowded destinations so you can experience the most authentic side of the local people.



Discover the soul of the south on an unforgettable journey that will make you discover the duende along the Andalusian coastline. I would like to invite you to immerse yourself in the pure and vibrant essence of southern Spain. From the dynamism and historical charm of Málaga to the natural and cultural beauty of Cadiz, through the unspoilt nature of Huelva and Doñana, each destination promises a unique experience that seduces all the senses. In Almeria, be amazed by the mix of cinematic deserts and unspoilt beaches, while in Motril, the gateway to exotic Granada, a world full of aromas, flavours and sights that you won’t find anywhere else awaits you.

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