Alma Cruceros – A New Cruise Horizon in 2025

In April 2025, Spain prepares to welcome Alma Cruceros, the country’s first luxury cruise line, with roots in the vibrant city of Málaga. This launch not only promises a new chapter in luxury tourism but an invitation to discover the world through experiences that transcend traditional travel.

Maiden Voyage: A Bridge Between Cultures

April 18, 2025, marks the beginning of this exciting adventure aboard the Ocean Victory, an elegant boutique ship that will sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Málaga. Designed for the contemporary traveller, we will offer exclusive itineraries that will sail through the heart of the western Mediterranean, the fascinating coasts of North Africa, and the Canary Islands.

An Oasis of Sustainability and Luxury Experiences

Elisardo Sánchez, the mastermind behind Alma Cruceros, reveals the brand’s commitment to excellence and sustainability. Ocean Victory represents the perfect fusion of modern luxury and eco-responsibility, offering an unparalleled onboard experience.

Alma Cruceros is distinguished by its deep respect and celebration of Spanish culture and offers an environment that will resonate with the Spanish-speaking spirit. From gastronomy to entertainment, every aspect has been carefully selected to reflect the richness of our heritage.

Aiming to be the meeting point for explorers worldwide, Alma Cruceros aspires to connect cultures, creating a global community of travellers passionate about discovering the authenticity and beauty of destinations.

A Future Full of Luxury Experiences

Ticket sales will begin in June, inviting adventurers and dreamers to be part of this unique journey. Alma Cruceros prepares to set sail for the horizon with great expectation and enthusiasm, promising adventures that will enrich the soul and leave unforgettable memories.

Impact of a Project with Soul

Alma Cruceros’ reception has transcended our most optimistic expectations, marking a milestone in the luxury cruise industry. Leading tourism and business publications have recognized our initiative as a revolution in the maritime travel experience, particularly appreciating our fusion of luxury, sustainability, and Spanish-speaking culture.

With an innovative approach and a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, we have captured the attention of media around the world, generating significant echo in various regions.

The anticipation and interest shown reflect the desire for new adventures and a deep appreciation for proposals that respect and celebrate our cultural and natural heritage. We are honoured by this reception and committed to exceeding our expectations.